Insightful Reads – May 2013

Eye Glasses on Paper

Here are some interesting standards-related articles that have crossed our desktops that we thought were worth sharing. Hope you enjoy!

At the Intersection of M2M, Smart Energy and eHealth — How will machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and smart energy impact eHealth? The answers to that question figure to roll out in multiple directions over the next decades, but one thing today is clear: IEEE expertise already is helping define the pathways of innovation. – from the IEEE Standards Education e-Magazine, by Bill Ash, Strategic Program Manager, IEEE Standards Association, and Sam Sciacca, Co-Chair IEEE P2030 Task Force 1, CEO, SCS Consulting

Standards Projects Aim to Clear Up Bottlenecks in Data Centers — As the number of people using Internet-enabled devices, services, and programs grows, so does the demand for faster connection speeds and more bandwidth. Making sure data centers can handle all the traffic is the focus of two IEEE Standards Association Ethernet projects. – from The Institute, by Kathy Pretz

eHealth Certification — To many, it is unfathomable that our lives are heavily impacted by standards. From a baby’s crib to the many consumer devices that we use daily – numerous standards are implemented. In some cases this is to meet some form of regulatory requirements. In other cases, it is because an industry believes that the standard will provide it the best opportunity to compete or benefit in a space – whether that advantage be based on user safety, product features enabled by standard implementation, or hospital building codes. No matter the driver, standards are pervasive. So, as our lives begin to depend more and more on the standards that the latest gadgets are built upon, the value of understanding the technical and economic impact of standards becomes that much more important. – from the IEEE Standards Education e-Magazine, by Lloyd Green, Marketing Director, IEEE Conformity Assessment Program, and Ravi Subramaniam, Technical Director, IEEE Conformity Assessment Program

eHealth Sector Standardization: Simplifying the Complex through Education — The healthcare industry is undergoing a revolution in the adoption information technology. The rate of growth over the past few years have been nothing short of outstanding. This growth has big implications for eHealth digital identity standardization. The concepts and inter dependencies of the evolving regulations and standards discussed in this article are not being taught in academic curriculum. – from the IEEE Standards Education e-Magazine, by Pete Palmer, Director, Information Security, Surescripts; edited by Joni Brennan, Senior Program Manager, ISTO