Insightful Reads – April 2013

Eye Glasses on Paper

Here are some interesting standards-related articles that have crossed our desktops that we thought were worth sharing. Hope you enjoy!

Standards: The Jedi Force Behind the Internet of Things — By the end of this year, we will start to see people walk around with glasses that give an augmented view of reality; stare at their watches to read emails and wear headbands that control apps with a simple thought from our brain. – from Future Tech Report, by Tom Emrich

Who Would Have Thought – Standards and SXSW? — In this blog, IEEE-SA President Karen Bartleson discusses her experiences at this year’s SXSW Interactive Festival. – from The Standards Game,, by Karen Bartleson, Sr. Director, Community Marketing, Synopsys; President, IEEE Standards Association

Fewer Wires, Lighter Cars: IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Standard Will Reduce the Weight of Wires Used in Vehicles — While enjoying cruise control, navigation systems, and other features for their cars, few drivers consider the heavy maze of wires that these luxuries require. Read about an IEEE Standards task force that’s introducing Ethernet as a way to lighten the car’s wiring load. – from The Institute, by Kathy Pretz

Joint IEEE, Google Meeting Supports Women Engineers — How do you land your dream job? What must you do to have a successful career? And how can women engineers serve as role models? Answers to these questions and more were put before the audience at the Enhancing the Sustainability of Women in Technology meeting held jointly in January by the IEEE Women in Engineering group and Google at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. – from The Institute, by Ania Monaco