Insightful Reads – March 2013

Eye Glasses on Paper

Here are some interesting standards-related articles that have crossed our desktops that we thought were worth sharing. Hope you enjoy!

Six Organizations that Influence Grid Modernization — Sam Sciacca, an active senior member in the IEEE and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in the area of utility automation, discusses organizations that are shaping the landscape of grid modernization, each in their own way. – from Consulting-Specifying Engineer, by Sam Sciacca

IEEE Members on Supercomputing Predictions, Challenges — What do increased energy efficiency, improved weather forecasting, a better understanding of the universe, and faster discovery of new drugs have in common? They are all expected to be commonplace over the next two decades with the help of supercomputing. The recent SC12, the annual supercomputing conference cosponsored by the IEEE Computer Society, discussed these and other areas that will be impacted by the future of supercomputing. – from The Institute, by Ania Monaco

The Value of Participating in Standards Setting: For Your Company — When the CSE proposes to expand his/her involvement in the standards setting process, an employer may well ask, what’s in it for them? What value will the company receive in return? The company you work for knows there will be substantial hard and soft costs. There will be hard dollars spent on travel and, more importantly, the man-hours you spend in this pursuit. The question is fair and the answer is straightforward. – from Consulting-Specifying Engineer, by Sam Sciacca