Insightful Reads – February 2013

Eye Glasses on Paper

Here are some interesting standards-related articles that have crossed our desktops that we thought were worth sharing. Hope you enjoy!

Super Bowl Blackout: Was It Caused by Relay Device, or Human Error? — David Bassett, IEEE Senior member and member of the IEEE Standards Association and Power and Energy Society, provides insights about the cause of the power outage that occurred at Superbowl 2013. – from National Geographic by Brad Scriber

Incubating New Ideas — In this interview, James Wendorf describes Smart Grid activities, now under way at Industry Connections, to build a smart energy data repository; advance high-voltage solid-state transformer technologies; and develop wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles. He also discusses the importance of collaboration in the emerging Smart Grid industry and the roles computing and consumer devices will play in this new business environment. – from IEEE Smart Grid, Questions and Answers, by Jim Wendorf, Director of Industry Connections, IEEE Standards Association

IEEE’s Cloud Computing Initiative — Working in the cloud is something that more and more people are aware of. As tablets become more popular, as more people begin to use cloud-based mail systems, consumers are reminded that the cloud is moving into our daily lives in an astounding way. The IEEE has responded to this paradigm shift through its Cloud Computing Initiative (CCI). Launched in April 2011 and supported by the IEEE New Initiative Committee, this initiative is the first broad-based collaborative project for the cloud to be introduced by a global professional association. – from IEEE Standards Education e-Magazine, First Quarter 2013, by Mary Lynne Nielsen, Director of Corporate Programs, IEEE Standards Association

Access to IEEE Standards for Educators & Students — IEEE encourages the introduction and use of standards in engineering curricula. A common request from educators is that standards be made more easily available to students and faculty at little to no cost. – from IEEE Standards Education e-Magazine, First Quarter 2013, by Jennifer McClain, Program Manager, IEEE Standards Education