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Title: Guide to Conducting Distribution Impact Studies for Distributed Resource Interconnection

Scope: This guide describes criteria, scope, and extent for engineering studies of the impact on area electric power systems of a distributed resource or aggregate distributed resource interconnected to an area electric power distribution system.

Purpose: The creation of IEEE Std 1547 “Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems” has led to the increased adoption of distributed resources (DR) throughout distribution systems. This document describes a methodology for performing engineering studies of the potential impact of a distributed resource interconnected to an area electric power distribution system. Study scope and extent are described as functions of identifiable characteristics of the distributed resource, the area electric power system, and the interconnection. Criteria are described for determining the necessity of impact mitigation.
Establishment of this guide allows distributed resource owners, interconnection contractors, area electric distribution power system owners and operators, and regulatory bodies to have a described methodology for when distribution system impact studies are appropriate, what data is required, how they are performed, and how the study results are evaluated. In the absence of such guidelines, the necessity and extent of DR interconnection impact studies has been widely and inconsistently defined and applied.

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The IEEE STD P1547.7 is part of the IEEE STD 1547 series of standards. The IEEE STD 1547 series of standards was created to develop a national consensus on using distributed resources in electric power systems. IEEE STD 1547.7 was specifically developed to address the lack of information about conducting engineering studies to determine the potential impact of a distributed resource interconnected to an area electric power distribution system. This document establishes a tiered approach:  1) a preliminary review, 2) conventional distribution studies and 3) special case system impact studies.

For more information on the IEEE P1547.7 development, visit the P1547.7 Working Group (WG) Web site.

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