Insightful Reads – October 2011

Eye Glasses on Paper

Here’s a list of interesting standards-related articles that have crossed our desktops.  We thought they were worth sharing and hope you enjoy.

Q&A with IEEE’s Dick DeBlasio - Dick DeBlasio discusses IEEE 2030, Smart Grid Standard

Flame Resistant Clothing Specification Improves Safety – Explains the importance of clothing  and electrical safety and how the NESC protects electrical professionals

Boosting Electricity Reliability and Availability via Microgrids - Dick DeBlasio discusses how Smart Grid offers tremendous promise in terms of improving the reliability and availability of electricity service with reliance on “microgrids”

IEEE Works to Determine How to Use Electric Vehicles Without Disrupting the Smart Grid – The development of  standards supporting plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles and their power requirements and enabling vehicle-to-grid communications