IEEE Smart Grid Research Documents Look to the Future

IEEE Smart Grid Research


IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) announces NEW Smart Grid Research Documents and other Smart Grid-Related Standards that are now available. In addition, IEEE-SA has approved new projects to be started.


IEEE Grid Vision 2050 Roadmap™

The goal of this roadmap is to stimulate discussion and challenge ideas around the deployment of power and energy technologies. The IEEE PES (Power & Energy Society) Horizon 2050 team gives a general indication of when technologies could be expected for deployment, and the team takes a step forward and tries to group research and standard development needs for the required power and energy technologies in the future.

IEEE Grid Vision 2050 Reference Model™

The IEEE Grid Vision 2050 Reference Model summarizes the main concepts defined in the IEEE Grid Vision 2050; such as, reference models for energy usage, energy delivery, and energy operations and control.

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