IEEE Launches the Standards Insight Blog

The IEEE Standards Association is proud to announce the launch of the Standards Insight Blog.  This new effort is dedicated to promoting technology standards and celebrating the contributions of the individuals and organizations across the globe who drive the development of standards.

In the coming months, we’ll bring you fresh content and links that showcase new standards and technologies that leverage the latest standards.  We will also highlight “bleeding edge” areas of standards development and celebrate the contributions of the people involved in leading edge areas including, but not limited to, Smart Grid, Sensor Networking, Cloud Computing, Information Security, Green IT,  Robotics, Healthcare IT and more.   In the future, we’ll also feature opinion articles and interviews from industry thought leaders.

This marks an important milestone in the direction of the IEEE Standards Association.  In addition to this effort, we’re conducting a comprehensive redesign of our website.  We’re finding new ways to improve networking, dialog and standards collaboration online.  We are dedicated to rising to meet the needs of the industries we serve online and offline.   The Standards insight blog isn’t just about promoting standards — it will help demystify our standards development process, showcase the contributions of  a very diverse audience, and promote dialog, debate and individual engagement in standards development.

We hope you like what you find here.  Please feel free to subscribe to our RSS Feed to follow our content as we grow.  Don’t hesitate to send us your feedback, submit ideas or request to become a Standards Insight Contributor.  Your comments are also welcome below.

- Karen McCabe
Director of Strategic Marketing & Product Development
IEEE Standards Association