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Enjoy Summer Vacation with IEEE Standards


This summer, how can you and your family get from a connected home or office to the beach safely and efficiently? With vehicles that include IEEE transportation standards, you can worry less and relax more. IEEE standards enable “intelligent” transportation systems that can safely deliver you to your summer destinations by connecting your vehicles to […]

The Internet of Things and the Connected Vehicle

By Bill Ash, Strategic Technology Program Director, IEEE Standards Association We have all heard claims that in the near future there will be at least 50 billion connected devices. These devices will exchange data in some form or another, whether it’s via wired or wireless technology, or whether it’s autonomously or intelligently sent. We have […]

Riding the (driverless) highway to the future

A vector illustration of futuristic city transportation

By Jay Iorio, Innovation Director, IEEE Standards Association As a host of technologies converge in the home and workplace, it is anybody’s guess how they might play out over the next decades. The Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, body computing, artificial intelligence, and synthetic sensory enhancements (e.g., augmented reality, virtual reality) will serve to make […]

Augmented Reality and its Impact on the Internet, Security, and Privacy

At AWE 2015, IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) held two networking sessions to explore and discuss these impacts and how to address them so AR can realize its full potential.

EuroDIG 2015 Highlights


By Justin Caso, J.D., Technology Policy and International Affairs Advisor, IEEE Standards Association On 5-6 June 2015, the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) held its annual meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria.  The event was preceded by the inaugural South Eastern Europe Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIG) on 4 June 2015.  The event consisted of high […]

Seeing the Road Forward for Smart Glasses

By Rudi Schubert, Director, New Initiatives, IEEE Standards Association Augmented World Expo (AWE) took place the week of June 8 in Santa Clara, California, providing a glimpse into the future of developing technologies ranging across augmented reality, virtual reality, and wearable devices. This industry segment is rapidly growing in public visibility, with products evolving and early […]

The Network, the Body, and the Future

Networking is, in a sense, the key metaphor for the modern age. It is the development of tools that enhance existing human activities in ways that would be impossible in the physical world. The network is really the virtual remapping of our lives, lives that pivot around interaction and collaboration.