Political and Regulatory Patchwork Governs Interconnection Policies

Sam Sciacca’s article, Political and Regulatory Patchwork Governs Interconnection Policies, advises consulting specifying engineers on how local authorities such as state public utility commissions govern most aspects of projects that interconnect wholesale, bi-directional power sources to the electric grid.

Anticipating and quantifying the variables affected by local politics and regulation can prepare CSEs to deal effectively with factors affecting the success of their projects. Those factors include local elections, deregulation by the states, public sentiment, headlines and technology choices.

Sciacca’s article alerts CSEs to these factors, points to resources and explains how to build them into contingency planning.

Read this and other articles by Sam on his blog, Insight on Power, published by CSE Magazine.

Sam Sciacca is an IEEE senior member and current chair of two IEEE working groups dealing with cyber-security for electric utilities: the Substations Working Group C1, which is working on P1686; and the Power System Relay Committee Working Group H13, which is working on PC37.240. Sciacca currently is CEO of SCS Consulting, LLC.