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Tomorrow’s Wearables: Stylish Clothing That Doubles As Your Personal Advisor For…Well, Everything

Shuang Yu, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing, IEEE Standards Association In the 15th century, Italian Renaissance polymath Leonardo da Vinci revealed yet another of his many brilliant concepts: a wearable mechanical device that could be used to measure the physical distance Roman soldiers traveled daily by foot. And with da Vinci’s remarkable vision, the world’s first […]

When Will Augmented Reality Reach the Tipping Point?

By Konstantinos Karachalios, Managing Director, IEEE Standards Association Proprietary products deliver competitive differentiation in early stages of technology development. But there comes a point when open, standards-based solutions are necessary to establish the technological foundation on which more innovators can participate at lower cost, toward the goal of growing a richer and more robust market. […]

National Electrical Safety Code Timeline

Today, the National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®) celebrates 100 years in print. One of the most widely adopted safety codes and produced exclusively by IEEE, the NESC provides best practices for safety of electric supply and communication utility systems to both public and private utilities. Every five years the NESC goes through a rigorous review […]

Fashion Forward: Where Style and Technology Meet

Shuang Yu, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing, IEEE Standards Association Would you wear a dress capable of changing color with your mood? Or carry a clutch that doubles as a speaker? What about a bracelet that measures sun exposure and provides personalized recommendations to protect your skin? Would you use a basketball that critiques your performance […]

Leveling the Playing Field for Individuals with Autism

Chuck Parker Vice President, Personal Connected Health Alliance Executive Director, Continua Health Alliance Autism, also referred to as autism spectrum disorder, is characterized by a range of difficulties in social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication and repetitive behaviors, and may be associated with other physical and intellectual disabilities. Earlier this year, the Centers for Disease […]

IEEE and Autism Awareness Month

By Donna Ceruto, IEEE Standards Association, Associate Manager, Solutions Marketing and mother of a child on the Autism spectrum. “Autism is a developmental impairment affecting the ability to communicate and socialize. It is called a spectrum disorder, because it can appear in greatly varying degrees, often showing up early in life. Symptoms include poor language […]

IEEE Privacy for the People – Google Hangout On Air

View Recorded Hangout Although this live event has passed, the video below will allow you to watch the entire event. Hosted by IEEE28 January 201412:00pm Pacific US As the world celebrates Data Privacy Day, the IEEE is hosting a “Privacy for the People” Google Hangout On Air to explore and discuss collaboration in harnessing global […]